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Your needs are unique. We believe your portfolio should be, too.

High-net-worth individuals and families often develop specific financial complexities over time—complexities that may not be fully addressed by their existing investment portfolios.

This means that as you grow your wealth, inflexible strategies can become less effective, and portfolio customization can become the single most determinant factor in reaching your goals.

What can you do with a custom portfolio?

When you combine lower fees, historical outperformance and the effects of tax strategy, clients can see a total annual value-add of 2.55%-5.05%.2 This can have staggering impact on wealth accumulation over the long term.


The Relationship

As a client in the Zacks Custom Asset Management program, you maintain your primary advisory relationship and your advisor continues to serve you.

The difference is that you and your advisor are paired with a portfolio manager from Zacks Investment Committee, who takes on the task of designing and managing a custom investment strategy for you.

What results is a best-of-both-worlds scenario where your advisor can focus on your life-centered financial picture, while your portfolio manager optimizes your investments to align with it.

The Process

Your Zacks portfolio manager, in tandem with your advisor, follows a distinct process of evaluating personal requirements, tailoring a custom solution and adapting to evolving needs.