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What’s good for your clients is good for your practice.

Most often, boosting profitability means taking on steep up-front costs. The purpose of Zacks Custom Asset Management is to help advisors offer a more personalized, sophisticated investment platform that—from the very beginning—actually reduces costs and generates tangible value.

For advisors looking to sharpen their competitive edge, this program can serve as not only an advanced investment resource, but also a remarkable practice management tool to help you retain and attract more high-net-worth clients.

Measurable Value-Add

Measurable Value-Add

Our customized program uses tax-efficiency combined with Zacks investment strategies to pursue a total annual value-add of 1.93% - 3.72%.2

Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency

Advisors can save up to 8.4 hours per week on investment management when working with a Zacks portfolio manager, while reducing operating costs by as much as 25%.3

High-Net-Worth Appeal

High-Net-Worth Appeal

Zacks Custom Asset Management helps you deliver a more life-centered, holistic wealth experience that incorporates features wealthy clients value, such as tax mitigation and customized fixed income strategy.

Access and Expertise

Access and Expertise

You and your clients are paired with an experienced portfolio manager from the Zacks Investment Committee, and you gain access to Zacks' award-winning suite of investment strategies, many of which have earned top Morningstar rankings.1

Zacks Custom Asset Management is about elevating your investment service well above the standard offering, at a cost that’s lower than the average mutual fund.


Shift Your Focus

Zacks Custom Asset Management enables you to spend more time on the activities most closely tied to revenue and growth.

By partnering with a portfolio manager to help service your high-net-worth clients, you can shift your focus to deliver a more holistic wealth management experience and optimize your day-to-day operations to align with your practice goals.

The Process

Your Zacks portfolio manager, in tandem with your advisor, follows a distinct process of evaluating personal requirements, tailoring a custom solution and adapting to evolving needs.

What’s next?

To get certified to offer Zacks Custom Asset Management to your top-tier clients, click the link below. Certification is a simple, informative process with no cost to complete.

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