By introducing a portfolio manager into the advisory relationship, Zacks Custom Asset Management empowers advisors to do more for their clients, and enables clients to do more with their portfolios.

I have an advisor.
What value does the CAM
program have for me?

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I am an advisor.
How could the CAM program
impact my clients and my practice?

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What to Expect

  1. Opportunity

    When you have a portfolio manager customizing your investment strategies, you can explore opportunities to reduce tax and costs, save time, mitigate risk and pursue growth.

  2. Experience

    We pair advisors and their high-net-worth clients with portfolio managers who are experienced members of the Zacks Investment Committee.

  3. Access

    Zacks Custom Asset Management offers advisors and their clients access to Zacks investment strategies, many of which have achieved top-tier Morningstar performance rankings.1

  4. Service

    From one-to-one client discovery to quarterly portfolio review meetings, Zacks Custom Asset Management is designed to elevate and personalize the conventional investment process.

Who is Zacks Investment Management?

Zacks Custom Asset Management is a service offered through Zacks Investment Management, an independent, research-based financial firm that has been providing wealth management services since 1992.

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